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        January 10, 2022

        Taylor & Igor’s Wedding | Club of Knights | Miami Wedding Photographer

        Taylor and Igor....a few words that come to mind when I think of them is SWEET, DOWN TO EARTH and RAD! Like honestly, I don't know that I've ever met a sweeter couple. They are both so down to earth,...
        Savannah Michelle Photography Islamorada Wedding Photographer December 24, 2021

        The Perks of an Unplugged Ceremony | Islamorada Ocean Oasis, The Keys | The Keys Wedding Photographer

        Picture this: you have tears in your eyes and butterflies in your stomach. You are standing at the altar with your other half. You're in the middle of saying your vows while choking back tears. And then.... someones alarm starts going off full blast. A true nightmare come to life.
        December 17, 2021

        4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Doing a First Look

        As a wedding photographer, they are one of my ultimate favorite things to capture. They create such a unique, intimate and emotive moment that always brings a tear to my eye
        Miami Wedding at the Vintage Venue November 10, 2021

        Nicholette & Jesus’s Wedding | The Vintage Venue | Miami, FL | Miami Wedding Photographer

        What a special day filled with SO MUCH LOVE!!! I always feel so honored and blessed when my client's choose ME to spend their entire wedding day with them capturing the most memorable time of their l...
        Savannah-Michelle-Photography-Dalmar-Wedding-Photographer May 26, 2021

        The Importance of Your Getting Ready Location | The Dalmar, Ft. Lauderdale | Ft. Lauderdale Wedding Photographer

        Prepping for your wedding is no easy task....from selecting your vendors, picking out your dress, choosing your wedding party, planning your bachelorette/bachelor trips, determining your guest list a...
        Pelican Grand Beach Resort Ft. Lauderdale Beach Elopement February 25, 2021

        Erica & Frank Elopement | Pelican Grand Beach Resort | Ft. Lauderdale Wedding Photographer

        We've all heard this story before....COVID ruined my wedding plans. But, I have to say, it never gets any easier to hear when one of my brides tells me she had to change her entire vision for her wed...
        Boho Bridal Shower in Deerfield Beach Florida February 24, 2021

        Nina’s Boho Bridal Shower | Deerfield Beach, FL | South Florida Wedding Photographer

        There's nothing I love more than a beautiful day spent with beautiful people....and Nina's Bridal Shower was nothing but that! Oh, and the fact that she's my best friend just made the day all that mu...
        Savannah Michelle Photography Malibu Beach Elopement Photographer September 3, 2020

        Not All Veils Are Created Equal | Malibu Beach Elopement | Southern California Wedding Photographer

        Picture me this: you’re getting married and you just picked out the perfect wedding dress. You may have just dropped thousands of dollars on it or you may have found a cheaper option, but regardless,...
        Savannah Michelle Photography Joshua Tree Elopement Wedding June 6, 2020

        3 Tips for an Epic Joshua Tree Elopement

        Let me guess, Covid-19 ruined your wedding plans? You've been planning for months, maybe even years for your special day and now you have to change everything! I know, it's super frustrating, BUT hav...