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        Category: ENGAGEMENT

        Miami Beach South Pointe Park Engagement Photos August 30, 2022

        Hannah & Andy Engagement | South Point Park | Miami Beach Engagement Photographer

        My clients find me through a variety of channels and platforms, but by far my two favorite ways that they find me are through Instagram and word of mouth. Wanna know why? Simply because I know when c...
        March 4, 2022

        Katie & Thomas Engagement | Palm Beach Island | Palm Beach Photographer

        Choosing the perfect location for your engagement photos isn't always easy. You want it to be a location that is beautiful, easily accessible, not too busy and most of all, represents you as a couple...
        Hugh Taylor Birch State Park Engagement Photographer March 1, 2022

        Alexya & John Engagement | Hugh Taylor Birch State Park | Ft. Lauderdale Photographer

        Sometimes I get lucky and have a session where literally everything runs perfectly smoothly!! OR, even better than I imagined...and this engagement session was definitely one of them!! Alexya and Joh...
        August 12, 2021

        Julia & Weston Engagement | Pompano Beach, FL | Ft. Lauderdale Photographer

        There's nothing I love more than getting to be a part of the most special days of my clients' lives....but, when it's one of my friends, it makes it that much more special!! Julia and Weston are pers...
        July 20, 2021

        Kelly & Bruno Engagement | Ancient Spanish Monastery, Miami, FL | Miami Engagement Photographer

        I love getting to shoot at new locations! Something about it just causes all of my creative juices to flow and Kelly & Bruno's engagement session definitely sparked that within me! I mean, this l...
        Savannah Michelle Photography Ft. Lauderdale Engagement Photographer June 30, 2021

        Nicholette & Jesus Engagement | Las Olas Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale | Ft. Lauderdale Photographer

        I'm such a sucker for a fun, care-free couple that's so in love and these two DEFINITELY embody that! Nicholette and Jesus's engagement session was nothing but a fun time from all the props to incorp...
        Savannah Michelle Photography Palm Beach Engagement Photographer June 15, 2021

        Katie & Brockton Engagement | Palm Beach Island | Palm Beach Photographer

        I think one of my favorite parts about photography is getting to connect and reconnect with people I haven't talked to or seen in years - and this session was no different! Katie and I have known eac...
        Savannah-Michelle-Photography-DuBois-Park-Engagment April 26, 2021

        Sierra & Billy Engagement | DuBois Park – Jupiter, FL | South Florida Engagement Photographer

        When you talk about finding your "ideal clients," Sierra and Billy immediately come to mind! From the moment Sierra inquired with me to shoot their wedding, I knew it was going to be a match made in ...
        Savannah Michelle Photography - Hillsboro Lighthouse Engagement April 6, 2021

        Maddie & Garrett Engagement | Hillsboro Lighthouse | Pompano Beach Engagement Photographer

        Ahhhh what can I say about this engagement shoot?! It was crazy, beautiful, nerve-wracking and amazing all bottled up into a one hour time frame! First off, Maddie and I went to high school together ...
        Savannah Michelle Photography Palm Beach Engagement January 7, 2021

        Alexandra & Paul | Palm Beach Engagement | South Florida Engagement Photographer

        Alexandra found me on Instagram when she was searching for someone to take her engagement photos while she was in town. From our first messages back and forth to one another, I knew we would get alon...