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        Picture this: you have tears in your eyes and butterflies in your stomach. You are standing at the altar with your other half. You’re in the middle of saying your vows while choking back tears. And then…. someone’s alarm starts going off full blast. A true nightmare comes to life. This situation is the last thing you want to happen on your wedding day, am I right?! Well, luckily- it can be prevented!

        Unplugged ceremonies are a great way to do just that! An unplugged ceremony basically means all electronic devices- phones, tablets, cameras, etc. are off-limits. It is becoming more and more popular to help fight off those pesky distractions. This is important to do considering it’s one of the biggest moments of your life.

        So let’s talk about it. Here are all of the perks of having an unplugged ceremony and why you should consider having one.

        1. Limits Distractions

        First and foremost, an unplugged ceremony allows for your guests to fully focus on what’s happening in front of them. Even if they are just taking photos and videos, doing so prevents them from really experiencing it and being completely in the moment. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment for you, so making sure all of your loved ones can soak it all in with you without any distractions is important.

        2. Helps Out Your Photographer

        For us photographers, nothing is worse than taking the most important shot of the day….THE KISS and seeing a bunch of phones in the image!! They end up either in the air or sticking out in the aisle. Having a no-phone policy helps both you and your photographer ensure that we will capture your big moment without any distractions in the image!

        3. Saves Sharing the Special Moments to You

        Chances are, you’ll want to have the honor of sharing the photos and videos of your day with family and friends who couldn’t come yourself. If you allow guests to have their phones out and take photos and videos during the ceremony, you’ll run the risk of someone posting those moments to social media. All before you even got to finish soaking up and living out the day.

        4. You Can Better See Your Guests Faces

        In the photos taken by your photographer and videos by your videographer, you won’t have to worry about their phones up and blocking their faces. The photos and videos will be completely phone free allowing you to see their real and raw emotions from the moment.

        5. Share the Professional Photos with Them Later

        Without having the ability to photograph and video the day- it’ll make everyone even more excited to see the professional photos taken by your photographer later! Your photographer will typically send you a link to an album that you can then share with all of your people!

        If you enjoyed this post, be sure to click here to check out my other post on “Four Reasons You Should Consider Doing a First Look”. If you’re in search of someone to capture your special day, click here to contact me!

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