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        The truth is, when clients tell me they are going to do a first look, I get so excited. As a wedding photographer, the First Look is one of my ultimate favorite things to capture. I love watching the progression of nerves and butterflies to bliss and excitement as the groom turns around to see his bride for the first time. Such a special moment!

        If you are considering doing a first look and need some convincing, let’s talk about it! I want you to have that special moment. Just keep on reading for all the reasons why you should consider doing one!

        01. Helps With Nerves

        One of the biggest benefits that comes with opting to do a first look is how much it can help with nerves. Your wedding day is a big deal and having all eyes on you can be intimidating for anyone. Having a moment alone with your partner prior to walking down the aisle can really help ground you and calm you down if you do get jitters.

        02. Creates Some Much Needed Alone Time

        During your wedding day, you’ll be spending a lot of time surrounded by friends and family and not a lot of time alone with your partner. Being as the day is all about you two and your love, you’ll want to squeeze in some rare moments where it’s just you two. First looks are a great way to set aside a moment like that!

        03. Allows for Extra Photos

        And of course as a photographer I have to say, first looks make for such sweet photos. They are often full of emotion and are incredibly moving to witness and capture. Emotions are also more raw being that it is just you (and your photographer) rather than being in front of 50+ people. It also allows me to capture double the amount of portraits for you – during the first look and then again at sunset.

        04. Adds In an Intimate Moment

        Lastly, first looks can provide you with an intimate moment together. With this, it’s not just about getting time alone, it’s about creating that unforgettable memory for just you and your partner to remember forever!

        Scroll down to see more photos of Brittany & Paul’s wedding day!

        I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, be sure to click here to check out another recent blog post of mine covering Nicholette & Jesus’ wedding at The Vintage Venue. Or, if your looking for someone to capture your day, click here to start planning it with me!

        XOXO, Savannah

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