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        Ahhhh what can I say about this engagement shoot?! It was crazy, beautiful, nerve-wracking and amazing all bottled up into a one hour time frame! First off, Maddie and I went to high school together and I literally haven’t seen her since – so it was so nice to catch up with her and see how in love she is with her fianc√©, Garrett! I mean, I think you’ll be able to tell that just by taking a quick scroll through these photos….#couplegoals

        This shoot started out like most of my other engagement shoots, warming the couple up, cracking a few jokes and just getting them comfortable in front of the camera and then BAMN – my camera started to malfunction! I tried to remain calm and see if I could fix it without them noticing, but I couldn’t. I was freaking out in my head because I wanted to do a great job because I know Maddie (Idk why I feel so much more pressure to do well when I know a client – personal issues I guess! HAHA), but also, it was my first time shooting at the Hillsboro Lighthouse, so I knew this would be an amazing session for my portfolio. So, anyways, I had to tell them my camera was acting up and to give me a minute to try to figure it out. On top of so much going on with the camera, the tide was also crazy, the wind was picking up and the sun was glaring on us, it just felt like a lot was going on! So I decided to keep it rolling and shoot on automatic mode for about 20 minutes during the shoot – which, if you are a photographer, you know that it kills you a little bit inside to have to shoot an automatic!!!

        Finally, I was able to figure out the issue about 30 minutes into the shoot and then BAMN, it started to pour down rain on us! Talk about not being able to catch a break!! Again, at first, I was low-key panicking in my head for her hair getting messed up, for her white dress becoming see-through and for my camera gear getting soaked, but luckily we were able to throw my bag in the boat and Maddie and Garrett were so cool and calm during the whole thing that I decided, FUCK IT, why not get some epic rain shots?! SO WE DID! And I have to say, thank God for their amazing attitudes and honestly for the rain because everything ended up working out and the rainy shots are some of my favorites! So I hope you enjoy the magic that came out of this crazy session!!

        XOXO, Savannah

        Savannah Michelle Photography - Hillsboro Lighthouse Engagement

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