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        Let me guess, Covid-19 ruined your wedding plans? You’ve been planning for months, maybe even years for your special day and now you have to change everything! I know, it’s super frustrating, BUT have you ever thought about eloping? Or even eloping at an AirBnB? I can tell you that eloping is all the rage in 2020 whether you planned to do it or not – thanks to Covid!

        Since it has become more popular recently, I wanted to offer a few tips on how to make a Joshua Tree AirBnB elopement EPIC!

        1. You don’t have to do it in the park!

        I know when most people think of Joshua Tree, CA they think of the national park and how magical it would be to elope in Joshua Tree National Park…and you aren’t wrong BUT you will probably be shocked when you find out there are all kinds of permits needed to elope in the park…YUP, you heard me right…FEES! So, in order to avoid that, I’d recommend renting out an AirBnB in Joshua Tree and saying “I DO” there. Not only does it allow you more freedom to invite a few guests and make it more personalized, but it also allows you the opportunity to have the Joshua Tree vibe without having to deal with getting permits to go into the park.

        2. Make sure you rent an AirBnB that allows events

        Before we get ahead of ourselves here with planning an epic AirBnB backyard wedding, make sure that you book an AirBnB that allows events on the property. The last thing you want is to find a location and visualize your big day, only to find out later that the host doesn’t allow other people in the house. So double check before you book!

        3. Use the vibe of the AirBnB for planning inspiration

        Now this might sound obvious or silly, but trust me it can be overlooked… There are plenty of eclectic AirBnB’s in Joshua Tree that are super hipster and unique, but there are also a ton of more modern AirBnB’s that give off a totally different vibe. Make sure you pick the right one for you when planning your elopement. Once you decide which route you like, use some of the accents of the house for additional decorative inspo!

        XOXO, Savannah

        Photographed for Christine Bradshaw Photography

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