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        You’ve had your wedding and you’re SOOO excited to receive your final wedding gallery; you scroll through the images and you’re so in love that it brings you right back to your wedding day! Fast forward a year and your wedding gallery is EXPIRED (Yep, it’s true, I will keep your wedding gallery active for an entire year)! But, what happens after a year?….

        Well, I’m so glad you asked! This blog post dives into all of the ways to securely store your wedding photos so they will live on for the rest of your life – even long enough to show your children before their wedding day! So, here are three great ways to store your images…

        1. Once you receive your final gallery, I recommend downloading your images immediately and saving them to multiple places. The first of which is the infamous CLOUD. Ya know that big, mysterious thing that Apple always promotes, but none of us actually know what the heck or where the heck it even is? Ya, that thing. Somehow (and I don’t know how), whenever I save anything to the cloud, it’s always able to be retrieved if my hardware crashes – so, I’d say its pretty reliable.
        2. I always like to save my images to a secondary source such as a hard drive or USB (or even two of them). This is an easily accessible way to access your photos. But, remember, like everything else, hardware can fail or get lost, so I would NEVER rely on this source alone to save photos.
        3. Lastly, PRINT YOUR PHOTOS. Remember a time before computers when the only way to receive your photos from your photographer was through print (or negatives)?? Well, we’re way past that, but, I still whole heartedly believe that there’s nothing more sentimental and special than finding and looking at printed photos. Am I right?! Luckily, all of my clients have the ability to easily print their images or create beautiful canvases or albums directly through their final gallery! I partner with professional print labs to ensure the highest quality of prints so that your beautiful images can live on forever.

        Well, there you have it! Three easy ways to save and cherish your photos for years to come! Now, go ahead and dive into these beautiful wedding images from Jeff & Kristina’s wedding shot at Waterstone Resort & Marina and The Addison last month! Enjoy!

        XOXO, Savannah

        Wedding Details Flat Lay
        Wedding Dress and Shoes
        Wedding Details Flat Lay
        Wedding Details Flat Lay
        Wedding Details Flat Lay
        Wedding Details Flat Lay
        Wedding Details Flat Lay
        Wedding Details Flat Lay
        Parents crying at wedding ceremony
        Bride and groom exchanging vows at The Addison

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